Saturday, October 11, 2008

My First Follower and "Hello Love"


Rhyann and Ella

Thanks Jaime for the kind comments! This whole blog thing takes a lot of time to keep up with but I love it. Who doesn't love to get feedback on all the hard work they have created. That is why I love posting on Splitcoast. Everyone there is so sweet and the ideas are amazing.

On another note, my Mom and Dad came to visit last night and brought along my 5 year old niece Ella and 2 year old nephew Jack. Even though they got in late Ella and Jack were up bright and early (actually before the sun even came up!) and decided to wake up their cousins. I got woken up to the pitter patter of feet. I looked up and there is Jack looking at me. When he realized I was awake, he yells, "Hello Love"! That is his new thing that he picked up from my brother. Too funny! I am going to have to take lots of pics this weekend and scrap a "Hello Love" page about Jack!

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