Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been MIA, again!

For those of you that follow me, thank you so much for sticking with me! Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I took a much needed vacation after my sister's fun but busy wedding! While I was MIA a sweet blogger friend gave me a blogger award! I am so excited and now I get to pass this award on to 7 of my favorite blogs I visit! Sweet!

So this is how this award works...I need to post 7 other blogs that I adore!

So here's my seven of my MANY many favorites that I visit daily (but am horrible at leaving comments for, sorry!!!). Check them out by clicking on them!
1. BloomingPink
2. Emmie-Lou Who
3. Family and Crafting
4. The Bunny Nest
5. Double N Designs
6. Whateva
7. Scraptastic!

Okay, now seven things about me.
1. I am horrible at keeping up with my blog even though I want to be better!
2. I am addicted to papercrafting and crafting in general but I have no clue where I got it from as my Mom has no desire to join me in my passion even though I always ask her to!
3. My husband is a United States Marine and I am so proud of him!
4. I have moved 5 times in the past 15 years due to being a Military family.
5. I love to play the Wii with my girls!
6. I am looking for a new job but want one that I love so I'm being very picky!
7. I have the best family and friends that help keep me sane during this third deployment.

Okay, the 7 of you get to pass it on! Enjoy!

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